The "IAPS" (Italian-Arabic Society of Paediatrics) promotes scientific and technical initiatives aiming at adapting the hospital, cultural, professional and managerial work to the continuous needs change of the healthcare, and promoting the social and health integration between hospital and territory.

It supports projects for the humanization of the hospital care in Paediatrics and Neonatology, specialities with scientific, technical, ethical, support and legal- medical questions most of all to support families with complex or chronic diseases.

It implements projects (either individually or in collaboration with other public or private structures, national or international) aimed al the realization of an integrated system of health and social services for the protection of the welfare of the infant, child, adolescent and their families.

It promotes scientific studies and research in collaborations with other companies and scientific organizations; collaboration of professional understanding, friendship, progress and peace among the various members of the association.

Within the activities of the company’s mandate, training and professionaldevelopment of associated members from Paediatric University, Hospital and territorial through cultural initiative, publications of books, magazines, including also online articles, and web sites.

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Gloria Virtutem Post Fortia Facta Coronat